Could the Star of Bethlehem be 2 SPACE-ARKs or Earthtwin or 2ndSun?

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1. AD/BC years [365.24days] was ONLY ALIGNED in 525AD[1278AUC]
2. AUC years [354.367days] was >10days OUT SPAN ERRORS of 1YEAR per 36years.     
4. SPAN ERRORS are already >10YEARS during 1AD when JESUS was conceived.
5. SPAN ERRORS are >20YEARS during 167BC.
6. SPAN ERRORS are >25YEARS before 453BC.
7. The MOON may be spinning at different speed before 500BC Uzziah's Earthquake and so DATA may NOT BE EXACTLY CORRECT.
8. WE HAVE TO BASE ON BIBLE for FACTS when there are any doubts.


pls note  that the 'supposingly' Pilate diaries which were written in wax are real :-

1) The author of website above truly found certain tablets indecipherable due to wear or damage.

Where a word or words are indecipherable because of wear or damage to the tablet,

they are shown thus: [..........]. Where the word is uncertain it is shown thus: [word?].

2)   Pilate was Procurator in Judea[Iudea] Jerusalem[Aelia Capitolina] in these Roman controlled regions. And the names and words which were  used are exactly according to the times around 2000years ago. 

3) because using wax was erasable and practical for destroying secret documents  in troublesome times proves the authenticity since  Pilate was Procurator in Judea[Iudea] Jerusalem[Aelia Capitolina] in these Roman controlled regions which had frequent riots and rebellions.

4) the diaries were dated in Roman calendar[AUC instead of AD/BC which was only invented 480years later around 525AD] further  proves the authenticity. see

4a) the years were written in the form of DCCLXXVIII auc which is 778AUC in Greek. DCCLXXXi auc is 781AUC. DCCLXXXiV auc is 784AUC  are simply ancient Roman ways of naming the years

4b) the months were written in the form of  Aprilis which is April in Roman times,  maias[May], iunus[June], julius[July]  are simply ancient Roman ways of naming the months.

4c) the days were counted as kal , non. , prid. id., ix kal., viii id., viii id or id viii kal etc which are simply ancient Roman ways of naming the dates.

5) note that the website dated wrongly the Pilate as procurator '26CE to 36CE' and  '4BCE' for death of Herod the Great because the author had not yet taken into account the Roman years are 10days shorter than Julian years.

5a) CE years mean [Common Era] which are present day AD years. BCE years mean [Before Common Era] which are present usage of [Before Christ's] Birth

5b) the span error of years between AUC and CE/AD calendars are at least >10years because Roman calendar was 355days which are 10days shorter than Julian calendar[525AD=1278AUC]. 70years difference means1year error.

5c) the span error of years for the Pilate diaries with the dates DCCLXXViii 778AUC years till DCCLXXXiV 784AUC years are not simply 1278AUC-778AUC = 500 AD yearsnor 1278AUC-784AUC = 494 AD years. they have to be converted back to 365day calendar [500x355/365] or [494x355/365] and so are around 486years and 480years only. so the CE or AD years are 525AD-486=38AD or 38CE.

525AD - 480=45AD. Therefore the Pilate diaries are dated from 36CE to 46CE instead.

5d) the span of years for the death of Herod the Great is also not simply 1278AUC-750AUC=528years then -525AD to get 4BC... it should be 528 years of 355days converted to 365.25days or 513AD years to get the death of Herod as around 13AD instead.

6) Pilate recalled Jesus as Yeshua bar-Yoseph and the other had a same first name but bar-Abbas makes the diaries even more authentic because Jesus with 'J' was only introduced in the 16th centuries when English language was finalised.

7) Pilate was impressed deeply by Jesus and this incident had real impact on him as to write down his encounter in diary makes all the more truth which coincided what Gospel of John which confirmed that Pilate asked Jesus: 'What is truth' see John 18:38a.

LET's RECALL...or rather recalculate...

a)  Roman Empire initially used lunar(moon) calendar (355days per year)
     to calculate the yearAUC (or a.u.c.) from the founding of the City (Rome)...
      so year 1 is 1 AUC.

       see below astracted from...

      Early Roman Calendars
      According to tradition, the Roman ruler Numa Pompilius added January and
      February to the calendar.
    This made the Roman year 355 days long.

b)  Julius Caesar reformed the Roman Calendar to Julian(solar or sun)
     calendar (365.25days per year) in 709 AUC.
    This does not confirm that Julius Caesar would force/change the numbering of
      AUC years  because it would mean a sudden change of 355days
     to 365.25days per year... this would create many errors,

     so 355day per year dating for AUC would still be used till 525 AD
     (Anno Domini).

c)    That's the reason why in 525 AD(Anno Domini), Dionysius Exiguus
        was tasked by Roman Emperor,  to start using the Julian ( 365.25day per
        year) Calendar for dating.
        Dionysius therefore invented the "Year of the Lord" 1 AD (Anno Domini)
        in 1278 AUC  and used Julian Calendar for numbering the years.  
        That year was 525 AD .
      In 525AD(1278 A.U.C.), Dionysius devised the
      modern day   365.25day AD (Anno Domini)
      Calendar from 355dayRoman Calendar   
        see below astracted from...
        The AD Anno Domini dating system was devised in 525 by Dionysius
        Exiguus , who used it to compute the date of the ChristianEaster festival, 
        and to identify the several Easters in his Easter table, but did not use it to
        date any historical event.
        see another astract from...
      In 1278 A.U.C., a Scythian monk living in Rome named Dionysius Exiguus 
          (Dennis the Short) created a year numbering system  based on the date of Jesus' birth
          He computed the birth of Jesus to have taken place 525 years before ...
         In his system, 1278 A.U.C. became A.D. 525 (the A.D. representing anno domini, Latin for in 
          the year of our Lord).

d)    Dionysius NEVER use AUC to determe Jesus' born year
        He used 525 AD Julian Calendar years of 365.25days to determine
        the year Christ was born (or maybe conceived)  Christ is concieved /born
        on 1AD...Dionysius never used the AUC year equivalent  because he was
        tasked to devise a new dating system to avoid using 355day Roman
       AUC - AD is like Apple - Orange
         ... we need to convert correctly before doing any maths calculation
e)    Many assumed Jesus was born in
        1278 AUC - 525 AD = 753 AUC   (WRONG!!!)
        Many mistakenly quoted that Jesus was born in 753 AUC.
        Many jumped to conclusion that 753 AUC is 1 ADwhich is
        Mathematically WRONG!!!
f)    According to Dionysius' calculations, Jesus should be born in
      1278 AUC - " 525 x 365.25 divided by 355 days"
      = 1278 AUC - 540 AUC
      = 738 AUC

g)    So 1 AD  is 738 AUC

h)    "King Herod the Great" died in 750 AUC and this should not be 4 BC
        which is Mathematically WRONG!!!

i)      "King Herod the Great" died from the number of years before Dionysius'
        time,  1278 AUC (is 525 AD )
          1278 AUC - 750 AUC      = 528 AUC years of 355 days
                                                  = conversion to AD is 528 x 355 divided by 365.25
                                     = 513 AD years of 365.25 days
        so "King Herod the Great "died in around 
                                                                                525 AD - 513 AD
                                                                                = 12 AD

j)     Jesus went to the temple at age 12yrs old (see Luke 2:42).
      This Year is at least 1 AD + 12 = 13 AD which is the Year after
      "Herod the Great" passed away.
      This explains why no account was mentioned of Jesus for period 
      from the time they fled into Egypt till the age he entered the 

k)   So If Jesus Christ was conceived on (Christmas) at the end of 
       year end of 1 AD, then when Jesus was born 280days later around 
       Sep 2AD and if  6 months old, it would be already in the next 
       year, Mar  3AD ,

l)  So Jesus started His Ministry at 30 years of age in 
         = 1 or 2 AD + 30
         = 32 AD

m)  Jesus could have spent 7years WORKING AS A Shepherd after 
      being baptised by John the Baptist and was then tempted for 40days
      in the wilderness before Jesus called out His wife[CH.u.r.CH], 
      preaching to Israel, 
      [pls note that only in Gospel of John has recorded  that Jesus knew
      Simon Peter before John the Baptist was imprison. Peter may have
      left Jesus to continue fishing but after that called out by Jesus to
      follow Him after John the Baptist was cast into prison.]
      pls see  Matthew Mark Luke Gospels only started mentioning Jesus'
      ministries AFTER John the Baptist was cast into prison.
      32 AD + 7
      = 39 AD
n)   then He started for at least 3 or 4 years of Ministry with Church,
        see Luke13:7-9:"Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these 
        three years (3years)  I come seeking fruit on this fig tree (Israel) , and find none: 
        cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?  And he answering said unto him, Lord,
        let it alone this year also(1year more for the HolySpirit?) till I shall dig about it,
        and dung it: a nd if it bear fruit, well: and if not, then after that thou shalt cut it 
        down. "
       = 39 AD + 4
       = 43 AD
      so could Jesus died in = 43 AD?

o)    From Pilate's diary account he crucified Jesus, the Roman year 
        was DCCLXXXi AUC convert into 781AUC using website:
p)    In the Book of Hosea, it was mentioned to the Israelites that,
        Hosea 6:2: "Aftertwo days will he revive us: in thethird day he will
          raise us up,  and we shall live in his sight."                 

q)  God's 1 day is 1000 years!     
      see 2Peter3:8,9:" ...that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and
        thousand years as one day."
r)    God's 1 day is also 1 year!
      see  Ezekiel 4:6:"...I have appointed thee each day for a year."

s)   therefore, the possible interpretation of Hosea 6:2:-
      "After two days(thousand years) will he revive(resurrect
      us(Israel): in the third day(year after great tribulation) he will 
      raise( Rapture ) us(Israel) up..."

t)   God's Prophetic Year is 360day since creation, before the Great
      Flood and even till now.
      In the beginning, the Earth has NO (summer,winter)seasons, just
      Evening & Mornings...
      then after the Great Flood, there was Earth was
      tilted.  see 1st book of Bible.
      After Flood... "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, 
      and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall 
      not cease." Genesis 8:22
u)    God changes not.  "I am the LORD, I change not." Malachi 3:6

v)    so God's 2000years is 2000 PropheticYears x 360 days
                                        =720,000 days
                                        = 1971(Julian Years of 365.24219days)
                                            + 107.6 days

w)  The Acceptable Year set for ISRAEL is anytime after 2000years 
       after Jesus was rejected by ISRAEL and died in 43AD.
       ISRAEL's Rapture Year is after 43 AD  + 1971 AD + 107 
                                                     = 2014 AD July onwards
      note: tetrad blood moons [total lunar eclipses] in 2014/2015

x)     Could the Acceptable Year of Israel be the end of Grace Period
        of the CHURCH? The Rapture Year set for CHURCH is 2015?
        3 or 4 years before ISRAEL's Rapture in the middle of tribulation?
         The Rapture Event marks the start of the week which is 
         imminent and a Surprise for Mankind.
         ISRAEL's Rapture is 3.5years (est. 1290days) 
         before Abomination set up.
          CHRISTIAN RAPTURE is anytime after July 2014 AD ?
          ISRAEL RAPTURE is + 3.5 years 
                                                  = 2018 AD 
                                          [70yrs after 1948 independence]
     "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of
      the week   he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the 
      overspreading of  abominations  he shall make it desolate, even until the
      consummation..." Daniel9:27
       "And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and
       the abomination that maketh desolate set up,   there shall be a thousand two
        hundred and ninety days (1290days) ." Daniel 12:11
       "But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the 
       prophet,  standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then 
       let   them(ISRAELITES)  that be   in Judaea   flee  to the mountains... For in  those
       days   shall be  affliction ,   such as was not   from the beginning of the creation which 
       God  created unto this time,   neither shall be ." Mark13:14-19
y)     Pls note that Islamic world is now surrounding Israel while
        Israel is preparing to build the third temple soon. Iran has
        nuclear deal signed on 2nd April 2015 the 13th day of Nisan
        which is the same date during Esther's time Hamath wanted to
        destroy all Jews. We are right now in these last days.
        We are to be Raptured Soon. Amen.


"But these are written, that ye(you.plural) might believe
that Jesus is the Christ(Anointed ONE), the Son of God;
and that believing ye(you.plural) might have life
through His name."
John 20:31

"...Believe on the Lord Jesus,
and thou(you.singular) shalt be saved,
and thy(your.singular) house(family)."
Acts 16:31

Simple Salvation Prayer

"Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner.

Thank you for dying for all my sins.

Pls save me and my family, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen"


For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Jesus could be conceived in 1AD
and born in 2AD.
Then 3 Wise Men came around 150days later
to worship Him.  

Why John the Baptist
who is 6months older than Jesus
not killed when
Herod the Great
children 2years and below?

see Matthew2:16 & Luke1:24-56

The answer is highly possible that

Jesus was already 1.5years old when Herod the Great found out that the
3 wise men mocked him after few months of travelling
[travelling takes much longer 2000years ago]
and so ordered his men to slew all [children 2years and below] in Bethlehem and in all the coast thereof.

Pls note that travelling 2000years ago takes much longer TIME compared to modern transport and so it may take few months for wise men to travel to Judea and many days to visit Jesus the YOUNG CHILD[not babe!!!]

Jesus could already be 150days old [5months] when 3wise men presented their gifts.

The 3wise men may have left Jerusalem for few months by the time Herod the Great waited and found out that he was mocked.

The order to kill the children could be based on the age of Jesus and the order needs much time to execute in all the coast and overall operation could take 1year plus.

The soldiers may be looking for children around Jesus' age and John was therefore excluded.

So by the time the execution was completed, it literally takes so much time that children 2years and below was killed.

It could also be that by the time the order to kill all children below 2years of age arrived at the place John the Baptist was born could already be the time John the Baptist was 2year old.

please see Video below showing snapshots of stars [Jupiter, Venus, Mercury] around Virgo
in 1BC[0AD] around Aug 21st
possible date John in Elisabeth's womb leaped for Joy when Jesus just conceived in Mary's womb
recorded in Luke2:24-56
 using Stellarium software

Just some thoughts:)


How long was John the Baptist baptising and Which year was he imprisoned and which year did he died, will we know the Acceptable Year of the LORD in Luke 4:19. Note earlier chapter [Luke3:20] there was already a testimony that Herod imprisoned John the Baptist before the passage described that Jesus was one of those whom he baptised and then the whole ministry of JESUS.
By comparing with Gospel of John chapter 4:1, it can be confirmed that John the Baptist was still baptising people after JESUS started His ministry.
So how long would John Baptise people after he was 30years old?  It is extremely likely that John was working 7years before Jesus starts His PUBLIC Ministry with HIS BRIDE the JESUS had to worked ALONE 7years before HE can CALL OUT HIS BRIDE.
It was also confirmed that John the Baptist died around 36AD because Tetrarch Philip died around same YEAR.
So with this information we can estimate the YEAR John was imprisoned and then JESUS PREACHed the ACCEPTABLE YEAR OF THE LORD [JUBILE].
How do we count the JUBILE YEARS? there are 2 MAIN CALCULATIONS...49years+1 or every 50years.
There are also 2 MAIN CALENDARS...360days/year or 365.24days/year.
LET me JUST take this SENARIO:
every 49YEARS of 360days/year will be COUNTED before ADDING the FINAL JUBILE YEAR.
so WE can calculate 41 Jubiles
= 49x360days x 41 Jubiles
= 723240/365.24 AD YEARS
= 1980.18 AD YEARS
then if the YEAR JOHN the BAPTIST was imprisoned was on 36AD,
= 36 AD + 1980.18 AD YEARS
and indeed 2016AD is the YEAR of JUBILE from 1967AD when ISRAEL re-captured JERUSALEM!
LET me TRY another SENARIO:
WE use 50YEARs of 365.24days/year instead.
= 2000 AD YEARS
The YEAR JESUS was BORN if 1AD and entered the TEMPLE at 12yrs old
= dec 1AD +12 + 2000 AD YEAR
= dec 2013 AD JUBILE
LET me yet TRY another SENARIO:
WE use 50YEARs of 360days/year instead.
then 40JUBILES of 360 day/year
= 40 x 50 x 360 days
= 720000 days
= 72000/365.24 AD Years
= 1971.31 AD Years
so if JESUS DIED and FREE US when HE was crucified 40years of age was a JUBILE
= dec 1AD + 40 + 1971.31 AD years
= early 2013 AD JUBILE

WE use 49YEARs of 365.24days/year instead.
= 41 x 49 AD YEARS
= 2009 AD YEARS
= dec 1AD + 2009 AD YEARs
= dec 2010 AD JUBILE


  1. Psalm 43:4

    Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceedingjoy: yea, upon the harp will I praise thee, O God my God.
  2. Matthew 2:10
    When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.
  3. 2 Corinthians 7:4
    Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my glorying of you: I am filled with comfort, I am exceedingjoyful in all our tribulation.
  4. 2 Corinthians 7:13
    Therefore we were comforted in your comfort: yea, and exceedingly the more joyed we for the joy of Titus, because his spirit was refreshed by you all.
  5. 1 Peter 4:13
    But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceedingjoy.
  6. Jude 1:24
    Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceedingjoy,


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