Preconceived notion: Elephants tied to a small wooden peg

Preconceived notion: Frogs boilded alive by gradually increasing temp... Monkeys follow what's done the way here?

Preconceived notion: Pray to be free...KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE

Preconceived Error in BC Year of Herod's Death

Preconceived Error in BC Year of Herod's Death

Preconceived Error in BC Year of Herod's Death

Mind's perception with 2 images from both eyes...

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Like Elephants,
Frogs & Monkeys?
Follow the crowd?
When many people are doing it...
is it ok to do also?
When few people are not aware of it...
does it mean it is not correct?
When many people are going to hell fire...
Are you going too?

Preconeived error in BC years.

The Missing Years in Below Jewish Time-line.
1) When Joseph sold into slavery was 2216 and till 2448 Exodus was 232years so short of 168years only. Because Israel was afflicted 400years according to Genesis15:13.

2) I need to highlight that there is another 30years error below
God uses 360day per year calendar whereas Man's calendar has changed from 355days to 365.25 days in 525AD.
There could be SPAN of 50years within this Period of 3760years.
 For example: 355day and 360day calendar for 1000year would SPAN
5day x 1000 = 5000 /360 = 14years error.
5day x 3000 = 15000 /360 = 42years error.

so for 3760 years of 365.25day to 360day per year calendar...the error could be
so 3760x5.25/360=54years!
That means with all the Missing Years ADDED Back...This year 2012AD which in fact should be 2012+3760+168+54=5994 left 7years!!!

Quoted Below is the Jewish Calendar with MISSING YEARS

Jewish Timeline

From Creation to Abraham

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
1 3760 BCE Adam & Eve created
1st Generation
130 3630 BCE Seth born
2nd Generation
235 3525 BCE Enosh born
3rd Generation
325 3435 BCE Kenan born
4th Generation
395 3365 BCE Mehalalel born
5th Generation
460 3300 BCE Yered born
6th Generation
622 3138 BCE Enoch born
7th Generation
687 3074 BCE Mehtuselah born
8th Generation
874 2886 BCE Lemech born
9th Generation
930 2831 BCE Adam dies
1056 2704 BCE Noah born
10th Generation
1558 2203 BCE Shem born
11th Generation
1658 2102 BCE The Flood

Arpachshad born
12th Generation
1693 2067 BCE Shelach born
13th Generation
1723 2038 BCE Eber born
14th Generation
1757 2003 BCE Peleg born
15th Generation
1787 1973 BCE Reu born
16th Generation
1819 1941 BCE Serug born
17th Generation
1849 1911 BCE Nachor born
18th Generation
1878 1882 BCE Terach born
19th Generation

The Life of Abraham

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
1948 1813 BCE Abraham born
20th Generation
1996 1765 BCE The Tower of Babel
2006 1755 BCE Noah dies
2018 1743 BCE Covenant with Abraham
2023 1738 BCE Abraham settles in Canaan
2048 1713 BCE Isaac born
21st Generation

Abraham circumcises himself

Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed
2084 1677 BCE Isaac prepared as sacrifice

Sarah dies
2108 1653 BCE Jacob born
22nd Generation
2123 1638 BCE Abraham dies

Isaac, Jaccob and Joseph

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
2171 1590 BCE Isaac blesses Jacob
2192 1569 BCE Jacob marries Leah
2195 1565 BCE Levi born
23rd Generation
2199 1562 BCE Joseph born
2215 1545 BCE Kehath born
24th Generation
2216 1546 BCE Joseph sold into slavery
2228 1533 BCE Isaac dies
2229 1532 BCE Joseph becomes Egypt's viceroy
2238 1523 BCE Jacob and family move to Egypt
2255 1523 BCE Jacob dies
2261 1499 BCE Amram born
25th Generation
2309 1452 BCE Joseph dies
2332 1429 BCE Egyptian enslavement begins

Moses & The Exodus

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
2368 1393 BCE Moses born
26th Generation
2406 1355 BCE Joshua born
2447 1314 BCE Moses sees the burning bush
2448 1313 BCE Exodus from Egypt

Revelation at Mt Sinai
2449 1312 BCE Moses brings down second set of tablets
2488 1272 BCE Death of Moses

Yehoshua (Joshua) leads Jews into Israel

Judges Rule Israel

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
2516 1244 BCE Death of Yehoshua (Joshua)

Zekainim (Elders) lead the nation
of Israel
2533 1227 BCE Othniel, first Judge leads Israel
2573 1187  BCE Ehud judges Israel
2654 1106 BCE Dvorah (Deborah) judges Israel
2694 1066 BCE Gideon judges Israel
2734 1026 BCE Avimelech (Abimelech) judges Israel
2779 981 BCE Yiftach (Jephthah) judges Israel
2810 950 BCE Shimshon (Samson) judges Israel
2830 930 BCE Eli the High Priest judges Israel
2871 889 BCE Shmuel (Shamuel) the Prophet judges Israel

Saul, David & Solomon

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
2881 879 BCE Saul anointed king over Israel
2883 877 BCE David anointed king over Israel
2892 868 BCE King David establishes rule over all of Israel
2924 836 BCE King Solomon (Shlomo) begins his rule

First Temple Period

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
2928 832 BCE First Temple construction begins
2935 825  BCE  First Temple completed
2964 796  BCE  Split of the kingdom.

Kings Rechavam (Judah) and Yeravam (Israel) begin their rule
3320 510 BCE Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon conquers Judea. He removes part of the Temple's holy vessels and children of the royal family take them to Babylon (Daniel 1)
3327 503 BCE Yehoyachim (Yechonia) ben Yehoyakim becomes king and reigns for only three months. Nebuchadnezzar exiles him to Babylon together with 10,000 people and the Torah Sages (II Kings 24:16).

Zedekiah ben Yehoyakim becomes the last King of Judea (24:18)
3338 492 BCE The First Temple is destroyed. It had stood for 410 years.

Purim Events

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
3392 438 BCE Achashverosh becomes king of Persia
3395 435 BCE Achashverosh's Feast
(180 days)
3399 431 BCE (Tevet)
Esther taken to Achashverosh
3404 426 BCE (Nissan)
Haman casts lots

(13 Nissan) 
First decrees dispatched by Haman

(14-16 Nissan)
Three days' Fast ordered by Esther

(17 Nissan)
Haman's downfall and execution

(23 Sivan)
Second decrees, reversing the first
3405 425 BCE (13 Adar )
Haman's ten sons executed

(14 Adar )
Purim celebration

(15 Adar )
Purim celebration in Shushan
3406 424 BCE The Megillah recorded

Second Temple Period

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
3410 516 BCE Second Temple Built
3597 136 BCE Miracle of Hanukkah
3830 70 CE Second Temple Destroyed by Titus. It had stood for 420 years.

Rabbinic Period

Jewish Year Civil Year Historic Event
3840 80 CE Leadership of Rabbi Akiva (Akiba) begins
3880 120 CE Rebellion of Bar Kochba
3979 219 CE Mishna compiled
4118 358 CE Hillel II establishes a permanent Jewish calendar
4128 368 CE Jerusalem Talmud compiled
4186 426 CE Babylonian Talmud compiled
4260 500 CE Babylonian Talmud recorded
4398 638 CE Islamic conquest of Jerusalem
4800 1040 CE Birth of "RASHI"
4891 1131 CE Birth of "RAMBAM" (Maimonides)
4970 1210 CE 300 French and English rabbis make alliah and settle in Israel
5002 1242 CE Burning of the Talmud in Paris
5004 1244 CE Tartars capture Jerusalem
5027 1267 CE "Ramban"(Nachmanides) arrives in Israel
5050 1290 CE Expulsion of all Jews from England
5155 1394 CE Expulsion of all Jews from France
5235 1475 CE Rashi commentary printed in Reggio de Calabria (Beginning of Hebrew printing on printing press)
5240 1480 CE Inquisition established in Spain
5252 1492 CE Expulsion of all Jews from Spain
5324 1564 CE Publication of the Shulchan Aruch by Rav Yoseph Caro (in the city of Safed)
5414 1654 CE First Jewish settlement established in North America (New Amsterdam)
5551 1791 CE French National Assembly grants full civil rights to Jews.
5654 1894 CE Dreyfus trial (France)
5680 1920 CE England receives Mandate over Palestine
5698 1938 CE Kristallnacht riot against Jews in Germany
5708 1948 CE State of Israel is declared

Note: The Jewish years are counted from creation.  "BCE" stands for "Before Common Era" and "CE" refers to "Common Era" on the Gregorian (Civil) calendar.


6blindmen elephant and its son(calf) "baby elephant" small version for them to touch and understand fully the characteristics of the misunderstood "Father"

Do you know that 3000years ago,
already had Engines invented to shoot great stones which modern technology could not?
And he[King Uzziah] made in Jerusalem engines,
invented by cunning men,
to be on the towers and upon the bulwarks, to shoot arrows and great stones withal.
And his name spread far abroad;
for he was marvellously helped, till he was strong."
2 Chronicles 26:15
number of WORDs/Alphabets/pronunciations/vowels
We need to UNDERSTAND that GOD has LIMITED
the numbers of WORDS because WE HUMAN cannot
Do you want to LEARN 1000Alphabets in order to speak?

For All who Loves Jesus' Appearing
"Henceforth there is laid up for me
a crown of righteousness,
which the Lord, the righteous judge,
shall give me at that day: and not to me only,
but unto all them also that love His appearing."

"And they said,
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
and thou[you.singular] shalt be saved,
and thy[your.singular] house."

Simple Salvation Prayer

"Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner.

Thank you for dying for all my sins.

Pls save me and my family, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen"


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