SUN darkness 20Mar015 Israel/Europe

Our Solar System is also Binary!!
Real video of our 2ndSun Great light
Israel/Europe darkness on day of Total Solar Eclipse ww3?
earthtwin with rings seen on earth 29jan2015 Lord of the ring news华
2nd Feb 2014, Sunspot 1967 in middle of Sun pointing towards Earth
3rd Nov 2013 RARE Total+Annular=Hybrid Solar Eclipse viewed from Uganda
God's LAST WARNING to World in Heavenly Sign before THE DAY OF THE LORD COMES!
Earth directed CME/X2 Solar Flare on 26oct2013 =milions of 100mega ton hydrogen bombs ,will reach earth 27-31oct2013
RING OF FIRE SOLAR ECLIPSE ON PACIFIC RING OF FIRE on 10th MAY 2013 and 2ndSUN reflecting the RING too?
6 point [coronal holes + sun spots] look like star of David? It is due to the +ve and-ve charges of 2Suns' interactions
2ndSun crossing Solar Plane in the middle in front of this earth on 26 June 2013
SUN 's Coronal Hole wind blowing towards earth by 16-17 aug 2013. Sun's Magnetic Field hay wire...going to flip before end of 2013
30 Mar2013:2:22-2:44 confirms Earth's magnetic shield opens up
2:22-2:44 confirms Earth's magnetic shield opens up by GOD for a soon possible Rapture Event
How To Watch the 1st Sun...2ndSun causing flares/CME/solar wind...
CME auroras Sign in Heaven
CME 2nd Oct 2013 or 2nd SUN caused RED AURORAS [HEAVEN OPENED]
Mount Olives "Prophecy of Earthquake" Coming!!!
Revelation:8:8: "And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain[asteroid?] burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;"
BlueBonnet is 2ndSun, Yogi the SpaceArk?
PLANETS ALREADY known to ISRAEL around 3000 years ago? BIBLE is CLEAR regarding Sun[ STAR ], PLANET , Moon[ satellite ] and Host of heaven [ ARMY of stars/constellations/planets/etc ] "And he[ king Josiah ] put down the idolatrous priests, whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in the high places in the cities of Judah, and in the places round about Jerusalem; them also that burned incense unto Baal, to the sun, and to the moon, and to the planets , and to all the host of heaven." (2Kings:23:5)

"But these are written,
that ye(you.plural) might believe

that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God;
and that believing ye(you.plural) might
have life through His name."
John 20:31

"...Believe on the Lord Jesus,
and thou
(you.singular) shalt be saved,
and thy
(your.singular) house(family)."

Acts 16:31


Simple Salvation Prayer


"Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner.


Thank you for dying for all my sins.


Pls save me and my family, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen"


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wonderful message.
blessed !encouraged!!edified!!! and educated

24.09 | 15:59

⚠️ God has said in the Quran:

🔵 { O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous - ( 2:21 )

18.05 | 16:23

Isaiah 60:22
A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.

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God blessing this website with 1000x rewards.